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Allowing Clutter to Accumulate: We all have clutter and often allow it to accumulate

We all have clutter and often allow it to accumulate until it seems impossible to ever get organized. Not being able to find your favorite shirt is one thing but allowing clutter and garbage to accumulate in excess provides the perfect haven for rodents, roaches, moths, spiders, and fungus to thrive.

The Solution

Empty trash cans that contain food waste daily. At least seasonally, sweep through living and storage areas to get rid of paper, especially cardboard. Monitor every area for insect and rodent activity and treat accordingly.

Welcome to our blog! This were we will share tips with cleaning and organizing, but also what changes are happing with our work.

Who are we: I'm Heidi I am the owner of Heidi's green clean, I am an artist in my spare time, and I enjoy the outdoors. I have an interest in natural health, and gardening. I hire people who are great at cleaning and organizing.

It's a rewarding line of work when your clients tell you their home feels amazing after we have been there.

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