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How I start

Currently I am accepting small to medium jobs at this time which can be in conjunction with cleaning. I offer a free consultation by phone or in person.
With organizing, I start with clearing clutter. We get rid of things that you no longer use, or bring you joy. I have a process that helps people with this. My job is to keep the project on track.

In general, the sessions last 3-hrs.  Going beyond that time can be an overload depending on the project.  I've created some examples of the process:
3- Hours Or More
Small task organizing: Your clutter just needs a new place to go - OR - maybe it is time to LET GO. 
6-Hours / 2 Scheduled Sessions
Moderate size organizing: 1. Letting go of those things that are not used.
2. Putting together storage solutions to keep needed every day use items with easy access and in their proper place. 
3- Hours Every 3 Months
This is for the person who is organized already and would like the help of keeping it that way. We are the second pair of eyes to keeping your space fresh and on track, what a great feeling!
This is for the person who wants to do the work themselves, but needs a written plan with coaching help. Yes you can do it!!
Call for questions.

* Over 20 years experience!

* Insured!

What’s Different About My Service?

I use some Feng Shui and some decorating rules, this helps make your space look beautiful and energetically feel great!

Can You Relate??

Having clutter can put your life on hold.
Having clutter can distract you from important things.
Are you Procrastinating?
Too many things in too small of space?
Do you have things you don’t use?
Do you have extra cleaning with too much clutter?
Do you feel confused?
Do you feel ashamed?
Do you feel tired?

The Rewards To This Job!

It feels amazing to help people with this work.
I see people transform themselves and shift their energy. Big or small the goal is to move forward!



      My Story

My organizing work started with clients who needed organization help while I was cleaning. Small organizing jobs became six room family homes and now I have clients that hire me for just organizing. I enjoy helping people organize their home or business.

Having organizational help can make life easier and save time!


Click on photos to check out some examples of  recent organizing work.

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